Pet Portraits in Progress…

Over the last few days, I have been drawing and painting persistently thus have an attic stairway of pet portraits in progress that need to dry a few days.  Carbon is at the top of the stairs, with Kujoe, Andrew, ‘Kiss’, Kittens, Bubbles, Suguid (now in oil), kittens (acrylic 😦 ) and Horse.

‘Mittens’ on the porch railing is coming along nicely – he’s the first one I’m going to work on as soon as he drys a bit.

I’ve been a bit frustrated with the acrylic paints recently, they won’t stay wet longer than a few minutes even with a slow drying medium added in.  Maybe its the lack of moisture in the air during the winter…  So Suguid and the Kittens are being redone in oils.

I enjoy working with oil paint, mixing the colors on the palette, blending a bit more on the canvas and having the time to add and remove paint on the canvas – even the next day or so!  Q-tips work rather well to softly blend edges in the background and remove areas that are too dark.

For Suguid, the next morning, I decided I had way too much paint in the background, too dark and too solid for a misty effect – so I used Q-Tips in a circular motion to blend and in some cases remove paint to achieve nicer trees.

After the paintings dry I can work on the pets without the background colors interfering with the fur colors and brush strokes.

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